Peace Lily Care Tips

Peace lilies make great houseplants for a number of reasons. They’re listed by NASA as an air purifier, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and they’re relatively easy to care for. While peace lilies do require regular watering and humidity, they are much less finicky than most tropical plants. Owning a peace lily plant is ideal for an … Continue reading Peace Lily Care Tips


Five Handmade Planters for Your Urban Jungle

As your urban jungle is growing, you'll probably want some unique containers for your plants. The right planter can turn an already gorgeous plant into some really cool home decor. Check out these top five interesting, beautiful, and handmade displays for your houseplants available on Etsy! Ceramic Goddess Head Sassy Goddess Head Planter by mygardengoddess … Continue reading Five Handmade Planters for Your Urban Jungle

Origins of a Mysterious Plant – Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides is known by many nicknames: the Chinese money plant, the UFO plant, the friendship plant, missionary plant, and pancake plant just to name a few. It's also a plant that baffled western botanists for decades. Until recently, Pilea Peperomioides were almost impossible to find in North America. Owning one in the Americas meant … Continue reading Origins of a Mysterious Plant – Pilea Peperomioides

Astrological Events in the First Half of March 2019

Mercury Retrograde March 5th-28th We're kicking off March with an especially messy Mercury retrograde. While you might have already been feeling the shadow period of Mercury retrograde for the past couple of weeks, Mercury officially stations on March 5th 2019. We experience a Mercury retrograde about three times a year, so it's certainly not the … Continue reading Astrological Events in the First Half of March 2019

How to Make a Closed Terrarium

Terrariums make gorgeous decor, but already made terrariums can be pricey. Creating your own terrarium is a fun activity to do on your own, with kids, or with a friend or partner! Closed terrariums are especially great for anyone interested in tropical plants but who struggles with keeping them humid enough. What supplies do I … Continue reading How to Make a Closed Terrarium

A Midwesterner’s Trip to the Desert Botanical Garden

I've lived in the Cincinnati, OH area my entire life. While I've visited most of the eastern United States, the first time I traveled farther west was to Phoenix, AZ a few months ago. The most intriguing part of Phoenix for me was how different the plant life is from the foresty area I'm used … Continue reading A Midwesterner’s Trip to the Desert Botanical Garden

Top Easy to Grow Medicinal Plants

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years. While the western medical field is often skeptical about natural healing, holistic medicine continues to thrive in eastern cultures. However it is becoming more widely used in the west thanks to accessible information through the internet! Prescription drugs certainly have their place and are often … Continue reading Top Easy to Grow Medicinal Plants

Top Care Tips for Your Prayer Plant

Calathea Prayer Plant - Mokkie Prayer plants are growing in popularity for their beautiful colors and their famously animate foliage. All falling under the Marantaceae family, Calathea and Maranta are the most common types of prayer plants. This family includes all plants whose leaves visibly move and fold throughout the day. The folding up and … Continue reading Top Care Tips for Your Prayer Plant

#HouseplantHoarding by an Actual Hoarder

Most people today are familiar with the term “hoarding”. Whether it’s from television or every day conversation, the word gets thrown around often. It seems especially common in the online plant community, including hashtags and usernames. #Houseplanthoarder is honestly something I tag in my own Instagram posts. So why am I bringing this up? Because … Continue reading #HouseplantHoarding by an Actual Hoarder

Top Houseplant Parent Mistakes

If you've read about my plant journey, you know I grew only outdoor plants for about five years. In my experience, the trial and error method works much more effectively in a garden than with houseplants. So here are some of the top mistakes made by beginner houseplant owners, including myself. Not Doing Your Research … Continue reading Top Houseplant Parent Mistakes